Individual/Family Readiness Resources
Below are two links that contain information you will need to know in order to prepare yourself and your loved ones for a disaster situation. One is a FEMA Emergency Plan and the other is a disaster kit checklist that contains items you should have ready in the case of an emergency.

FEMA Family Emergency Plan Mobility Impaired Emergency Prep
Disaster Kit Checklist Home Safety Fact Sheet
Frozen Food & Power Outages Preventing Child Burns
Refrigerated Food & Power Outages Hazardous Material Protection
Recovering From Disaster FEMA Disaster Supplies Checklist
Household Chemical Emergencies 12 Disaster Rebuilding Tips For Under $50
Post Disaster Financial Toolkit Household Hazards For Kids

Family Flood Prep & Response Floods & Your Home
Floods & Your Pets Floods & Your Livestock
100-Year Flood Background Flood Damage - Walls/Ceilings/Floors
Well Flooding Flood Propane Safety
Fortifying Structures From The Inside Out Protecting Flood Damaged Structures
FEMA After the Flood Fact Sheet  Water_Physics

Home Retrofit & Rebuilding
Flood Damage Resistant Materials FEMA/Red Cross - Repairing Your Flooded Home
Protecting Utilities From Flood Damage Retrofit - Protecting Service Equipment
Retrofit - Elevating Your Home Rebuilding Flood Damaged Homes
Earthquake Probability - Siouxland vs D.C.