Fire Safety
Below are several links that contain important information that you will need to know in the event of a fire. The topics will cover family fire safety, campus fire safety, cooking safety, facts about candles, fire safety for seniors, fire safety for the disabled, and more. Fire is probably one of the more common and preventable emergency situations so be sure to check the links to find the information you need to know to keep you and your family safe.

Kitchen Fire Safety
Kitchen Fire Safety Video - Oil In A Frying Pan

Fire Safety For All
Fire Safety For Disabilities Fire Safety For Visually Impaired
Fire Safety For Hearing Impaired Family Fire Safety
Fire Safety For Seniors Fire Escape Brochure
Children Fire Safety Residential - Mental Disabilities
Residential - Physical Disabilities Cooking Safety
Candle Safety Tips Fire Escape Planning Tips

Fire Safety Facts
Candle Fact Sheet Cooking Fact Sheet
Fire Extinguishers Home Heating Fact Sheet
Campus Fire Safety Smoking Related Fires
Residential Building Fire Trends Fire Death Demographics
Grill & Campfire Safety New Construction Fire Risks
2008-2010 Fire Injuries report Home dryer fires

Fire Safety For Kids
Kids Fire Activity Book Kids Fire Activity Book (SP)
Sesame Street Fire Safety Fold Up Fire Truck
Kids Fire Escape Planning