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Cyber Crime Investigation Cyber Security & Digital Crime AAS Degree
Become and "ethical" computer hacker to combat cyber crime.

Network Administration & Security AAS Degree
Be able to secure a network against attacks.
Emergency Medical Services EMS Paramedic Specialist AAS Degree
Obtain the highest level of emergency responder training to provide aid to those in need of emergency care.

Paramedic Specialist Diploma
This program is intended for those who are already a certified EMT-B.

Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (EMT-B) Certificate
Receive training to perform basic emergency care and transport.

First Responder Certificate
Develop skills in emergency care procedures for life-threatening emergencies, injuries to body parts, blood borne pathogens and more.
Fire Science Fire Science AAS Degree
Receive training to be able to keep people safe from fire hazards and save those in fire-threatened environments. This program is geared for students to become an entry-level technician or administrative career in the fire science field.

Fire Science Diploma
This program is designed to lead into an Associate of Applied Science Degree.

Fire Science Certificate
This program is designed to lead into an Associate of Applied Science Degree.
Networking Administration & Security Network Administration & Security AAS
Become an expert in computer networking, systems administration and security.

LAN Technician Diploma
Become knowledgeable in computer PC troubleshooting and maintenance.

A+ Certification Certificate
Receive training in PC computer repair.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certificate
Become a network technician to work with routers, switches, hubs, etc.

Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) Certificate
Gain the knowledge and training to administer current Microsoft systems. Obtain the skills to be able to obtain a specific Microsoft certification.

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialst (MCTS) Certificate
Obtain the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain and troubleshoot computer hardware, operating systems, and Microsoft's current workstation operating system. Learn the skills to be able to obtain an MCTS certification.
Police Science Corrections Police Science Corrections AAS Degree
Pursue a career as a probation/parole officer, jailer, juvenile parole officer and others.
Police Science Forensics Police Science - Forensics Investigation AAS Degree
Analyze evidence from a crime scene
Police Science Technology Police Science Technology  AAS
Learn the skills to become an officer in law enforcement.
Highway School Pathways High School Pathways
Explore beneficial classes to take in school, as well as sample occupations in this field.
Technical Studies Technical Studies
Exchange work experience in this field for credits toward an Associate's Degree! Click here for more details.